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Ascension Activation - Entering Into a New Era of Soul Activation and Self-Realization

"Message from the Sirian Council"

"You are entering into an amazing new era of soul activation and self-realization. At this time we are witnessing an opening of consciousness that is allowing the masses to realize their true potential and begin to apply this awareness to their daily lives. But how do you navigate the terrain of active participation in this new awareness and expansion of consciousness?

It is not so much that we deliver a new edict on how to live your life. It's more about how you approach the proper accouterments of life in balance. This is the difference between the "how" to life and just being alive. If you cannot allow yourself to be alive in the moment you will miss out on an amazing experience. This is the experience of feeling alive in all the cells of your body as if you are filled with vitality. If you are not feeling the essence of vitality in your bones, in your pores, in your very core, then you are missing out on the momentous occasion happening right now.

So we advise you to start listening to the soft, subtle voice of your Higher Self and take notice. This wise and wonderful inspiration is coming from your higher consciousness and it takes no prisoners. You are not allowed to dismiss or discount the wisdom of the Soul, and still expect to reach self-realization. It does not exist! You must remember that all things, all power, all knowing is reigning from the highest part of your consciousness---your god-self. And when you decide to listen instead to the demanding, controlling and insatiable ego-self you can get into a whole lot of trouble.

multi colored hands encircle earth globe So listen to the whispers, the inclinations, the gut-instincts that are guiding you and managing your life. It is when you can join and collaborate with the whispers that you will move into self-mastery and manifestation of your true, authentic self. This practice has many names and styles passed down through the centuries, but we still call it "oneness" with the soul. It is plain and simple "oneness". You cannot reach wholeness as a human being without embracing the loving, compassionate wisdom of the soul. The two do not meet in the middle---they must be acknowledged, welcomed and integrated through personal practice. Without the subsequent repeating, intentioned daily practice of union, you will not reach a capacity for reaching the Higher Self. It will not happen!

We insist on advising you on the health and knowledge of what meditation will inspire. It is the only practice that will simultaneously quiet the lower, ego-mind while introducing the conduit pathways for higher wisdom to intersect. If you do not allow this process to exist and flourish you will not have the infrastructure in place for higher communication. And so we recommend a daily practice of quiet meditation and intentioned living that supports and secures this communication pathway from the higher consciousness to the mental faculties. It is imperative that you allow this contact to be made and structured within your timeline, so that you can break free from the dominant unconsciousness prevailing in your society.

If you are ready to step free of the darkness and negative programming encircling human consciousness then you must fortify your energetic field and functionality. This is required to sustain and support higher communication between the dimensional selves. If you do not want to reach self-realization than all you need to do is continue to sub-exist in distraction and denial. You will not be able to reach the heights of complete wholeness in this lifetime. It will not be an option in the years to come, for you see, we are witnessing an explosion of energies unlike ever seen before in your modern history. And the universal energies are allowing your consciousness to ascend at such a rapid rate that you can reach multi-dimensionality within a few years. This was unheard of just in the past decade!

So if you are questioning the sanity of all of this---just look back at your lives from the past decade until now and see how much the world has advanced in its rapid movement of acceleration and in the polarization of opposites. It is all around you and cannot be discounted anymore. You have come here to understand the ascension process of the human race and how it affects not only the planetary consciousness, but also the universe around you.

So this is truly a momentous occasion we are sharing and asking for your cooperation and action. This is a time for action in that you are being asked to move into the lifestyle choices and practice that will sustain your acceleration into higher consciousness. If you need any more proof, just look outside your window and witness the marvelous, magical mysticism rising up and embracing all who wait, who wonder, and who want a new life---a new world.

Keep up with your movement into timelessness, and into a feeling of "oneness"---for this is the key to salvation and the wonderment that makes you Divine Humans. Go in peace and grace!


Article Source/About the Author: Meg Benedicte, Bio-Energetic Healer, Author and Teacher...Through her unique gift for understanding subtle energies and discerning the vigorous blueprints of disease, Ms. Benedicte has become a pioneer in vortex healing. Find out more at: [http://www.soulfulservices.com].

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