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The Bible, Ascension and 2012

A reader of one of my articles on Ascension and the "new technologies" that are now available that help with the ascension process emailed to ask a few questions about the Bible and salvation through Jesus.

"Can you please tell us your understanding of the Bible since you never make reference to any Biblical scripture in your articles? Including salvation through Jesus and what the rapture is all about? What happens if one doesn't activate consciousness before 2012? Thanks for treating this request as highly important," he emailed.

holy bible and crossWell, it's not that I never quote the Bible in my articles; I occasionally quote the Bible when I have something new and original to add that will help people understand passages from it. My understanding of the Bible is that its authors had meant it to be used as a guide to help humanity through the "dark ages" after the fall. However, I don't as a rule quote the Bible because over time it has been mistranslated and misinterpreted, besides the fact that people back then, even the authors, did not understand the depth of Jesus' message and meanings (and...most people still don't understand).

For one thing, people are too often invested in their own beliefs to take on something new--and Jesus' message was both new and threatening. The other thing was, the authors had not experienced firsthand what Jesus had been teaching. Remember that not even Jesus' own disciples understood him all that well. (With the exception, perhaps, of a couple of his favorite disciples, whose books were excluded from the Bible.)

Furthermore, the powerful elite had for their own gain deliberately distorted the Bible through the exclusion of certain passages and books from the original records. I hope all this is not news to the reader.

In summary, the Bible is not an accurate or concrete portrayal of Jesus' life, journey, or message of salvation. Moreover, Jesus did not found Christianity, the ruler Constantine did. (Constantine needed a Christian army to fight his wars so that he could build up his empire.) Jesus was not well understood, and it takes more than a reading and quoting of the Bible to understand the person who was the founder of a movement that back then was called "The Way." Anyway, I would think that those who understand these drawbacks will be inclined to be discerning about Bible quotes and will not cling to the Bible to justify their ideas.

It is true that Jesus led the way to ascension (which is the way to salvation). However, we do not access The Way (or salvation) by believing in Jesus' existence. We actually have to actively participate in the process by reconnecting to "The Father" and following through with "The Father's" guidance.

This means that in our own way, we have to do what Jesus did; we have to follow Jesus' example. Part of this may include examining the cultural and religious conditioning's of our time and finding the "Kingdom of Heaven" that is within (by reconnecting to "the Father" within, to Source within, to the Divine within and receiving guidance from "above"). And part of it includes walking our talk, even if that means standing alone and feeling terribly alone at times. Sifting through the muck that has been handed down to us and distinguishing what is truth from what is not is part of what Jesus had done. It's also what's required of us now as we follow Jesus in ascending our consciousness.

Around 2002/2003 I took the plunge, so to speak, and began to walk my talk, the details of which I include in my memoir. (My memoir is a personal account of my reconnecting process.) And it is by reconnecting to the Divine within and experiencing some amazing things firsthand as a result that I was led to understand Jesus and the Bible in a much more deeper, clearer way. It's really the only way to understand Jesus, and we are currently being challenged to do this as part of "2012" and the ascension in consciousness (that will continue beyond 2012).

Those who follow Jesus' way will initially encounter many obstacles and it will not be easy by any means, but by going forward and following through with their inner guidance they will come to experience new insights, epiphanies, and moments of pure delight and yes, rapture. But this doesn't mean that their physical bodies will be "beamed up" into another dimension such that they disappear.

Hilarion adds to these ideas: "Inner changes are occurring within the hearts and minds of humanity in all corners of the planet. These changes are initially felt as very difficult, especially for those who are not used to processing and observing their inner dynamics such as our more seasoned light-workers. It is a very difficult process to be willing to honestly look within and see the parts of oneself that are not anchored in the Divine and then be willing to do the work to make the course corrections that need to be made in order to align further with the Divine within."--Hilarion, channeled through Marlene Swetlishoff, message for July 10-17, 2011.

In summary, what's important is to follow Jesus' example. Following Jesus' example is the way to ascension and salvation, not by expecting Jesus to do the work of ascending your consciousness for you.

Article Source/About the Author: Christine Hoeflich is the author of What Everyone Believed: A Memoir of Intuition and Awakening and Activating 2012: A Practical Guide to Navigating 2012 with Confidence and Clarity, a how-to ebook that raises your consciousness and gives you all the keys to finally fulfill your dreams. Visit: http://www.WhatEveryoneBelieved.com for more information.

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