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The Road to Awakening

Spiritual pathway into the sunset Beloved Ones, the road to awakening lies within each soul and does not need to be sought outside of the self. It is a path of truth that has been implanted within the soul since the time of its beginnings, a path that leads irrevocably to the center of its own life and to the center of the life of the world which is God.

It does not matter in pursuit of this truth whether one is a Buddhist, Christian, Moslem, atheist, or Jew. The experience of inner truth can come to all alike, irrespective of what the mind believes

Holding this fundamental premise assists the process, however, for if one does not believe an experience is possible, then one will not seek it or open to it when it arrives. Sometimes, light is strong enough to circumvent this resistance, and sometimes the resistance prevents a step forward from being taken, at least for a time.

The fundamental approach to an awakened state comes through the realization that there is something larger than the physical reality we live in, something that gives meaning and context to it. Simultaneously, there is a growing awareness that there is something vaster to the self than the one who goes through their days in what appears to be an ordinary way.

This understanding does not come as an idea, for ideas are plentiful and can be disputed and argued about from different vantage points. Rather, the path to awakening is built on a foundation of experience, and it is one experience after another that leads the soul to the deeper knowing of who the self is and who God is. Such a path cannot be argued about for it just is. It also cannot be validated by any other except to share certain external similarities, for it belongs solely to the one who is having the experiences of deeper truth.

In the presence of new experience, the mind or ego may seek to discredit the reality of what has been seen, heard, or felt. Especially in the beginning stages of the awakening process, it is important to understand that in order to move forward, the ego must be set aside so that the soul can make itself known. This is not always done easily or with grace. Therefore, in the face of inner criticism or denial of one's very own experience, it is important to remember that there is another source of validation than the mind. This is the heart, which can stand on the foundation of its own inner knowing and not be compromised by the traditional arguments of logic and the need for proof that appeal to the mind.

Walking forward, step by step, denying nothing, opening to whatever the time reveals to one's own waiting heart, is the way of assisting with a process that is essentially one of Divine discovery, built into each soul's own capacity and essence with its own timetable and sequence of stages. If allowed to take its course, it will lead one most effectively from one level of awareness to another, until there is no longer doubt about what is real.

Making a space for this to occur within one's heart and one's life is an important ingredient in the process, for it encourages the more subtle senses to register feelings and impressions that may be covered over by more practical concerns of the day. Therefore, one who would travel further down a path of awakening would do well to develop a daily practice of sitting quietly in meditation or prayer, or just in the silence of receptive emptiness, in order that the tendrils of light and truth from other dimensions of one's holy being can reach the level of conscious awareness.

There is no need to fear this process and no need to hesitate as the path opens ahead. Although choices inevitably arise concerning how to integrate new revelations into one's present life, including relationships, career choices, plans for the future, etc., nevertheless, nothing has to be hurried and nothing has to be forced. All can wait until the time feels right to make whatever decision is contemplated. For the new that comes into being also brings with it new clarity and conviction, allowing a platform to be created from which to view all decisions that must be made.

All of one's heart and all of one's mind can be focused on the process of spiritual movement, for this process claims to be the most central one within a given lifetime. And yet there is sometimes fear of allowing it to become as important as it actually is because of practical considerations, relationship concerns, and a deeper level issue that has to do with trust.

Follow Your Heart path Sign Trust in the process can exist if one understands that in the course of spiritual awakening, love is the only guide. Love of the Divine Creator is built into the soul's essence and identity and into the path of emergence itself, and this Divine Love cannot but have one's best interests at heart. Although the smaller self may complain, at times, about what is being asked of it, the larger self will always know that the vistas and opportunities that are opening before its inner eyes will only serve the highest good for the self and for those whom one loves.

Over and over again as the roots of spiritual awareness find their way into deeper levels of the heart and mind and begin to transform the self from within, one must remember that love is the foundation for what is happening, and it is sufficient to this purpose. For it is God's love for each soul that has made possible the spiritual evolution of mankind throughout time, and it is this same love that is now making it possible on a much larger scale. Therefore, trust love. Trust it to lead one forward from level to level of new awareness and greater openness. Trust it to assist with the process of letting go of what no longer corresponds to one's emerging identity, so that one can step forward into the bright new day of a holy and sanctified life.

May all beings awaken to the deeper truth of who they are. May all come to know the holiness and Divine beauty that lives at the core of each self.

Article Source/About the Author:By Julie Redstone - www.lightomega.org

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