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Void of Ascension - Go Into Your Safe Space and Do-No-Thing For a Short Time - Part 3

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sitting by lake at sunset True releasing doesn't come from the head, but from the heart, it is where you truly want to be 'done' with it. When you release something you will feel empty and it is this uncomfortable feeling that can lead to straight back into the drama game. Take a scenario in your life - perhaps you have lost your job. You want to replace that job immediately. The strong human instinct is to instantly replace something that you have lost - that is the rebound scenario. You fear that money is flowing out faster than what is coming in so you scream out and search frantically for your income to be replaced.

To address the issue on the void of ascension, can be broken down into 3 main categories.

1. Void of Ascension
2. Do-No-thing
3. Be in Your Safe Space and Imagine

Let's take a look at each individual category:

1. Void of Ascension - Instead go diving back into drama; be willing to go into the void of empty space. It is not about avoiding or burying your issues, it is not about trying to manufacture or figure out answers for yourself. It is a quiet space that is within yourself, where you do not wrestle with figuring out the fears of the mind and the limitations of duality. There is no fighting or resistance, it just is, so can you just be in that empty space for a short period of time so that you can put duality on hold for a moment.

2. Do-No-Thing - Whilst you are in this void, you do-nothing, be willing to go beyond the mind to allow your essence to come through. It is your own and you can listen to yourself. Perhaps the void will bring up a fear within you - the questions of "what if you release everything? Will you have no identity or power left? Will you be exposed, unprotected and consumed by another? Will you be open to influence from something evil or dark? These fears and concerns will come up and, they are appropriate. Avoid denying and squashing these feelings, thoughts and concerns - denial is cutting off the hand that feeds you, you are cutting off your essence.

< b>3. Be in Your Safe Space and Imagine -Whilst you are in this void of doing nothing and you feel an unpleasant situation, go into and deep breathe in your safe now moment space, feel the energy, discern that energy and release it then go into the void, because the stillness is the clearing of the mental jumble that will allow your true self to come forth to resolve the issue, the clearing is the beginning of the process of creating new energy. When you don't resist and fight for something to come in to fill that empty space, your own divine essence and dei-un-gnost will bring in the resolution through your intuition. It exists in a new energy and not in the old and it will come up in the moment, as an Ah Hah, a creative knowing solution. In the mean time, imagine something, anything that puts a smile on your face that makes you feel safe and good about yourself and your life - eg imagine watching the sun rise over the ocean waves and seeing its reflection on the wet sand.

Your imagination is your symbol of light for who you are and who you are choosing to be. Your soul imagination is not about mental visualizations; the imagination comes from your heart feeling that has openness and freedom and expression. Free imagination frees you. The time period depends on how long you stay in an empty space depends of how much you fight for something to come in and how much attachment you are holding onto something. When you release duality and your old story without trying to replace it with a consciousness of the old struggles you will find the solution that comes in will be new - that has not been done before and that is exciting and fulfilling.

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Article Source/About the Author: By Pamela Belle Skuse

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