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Void of Ascension - Empty the Story of Your Old Water Tank & Refill it With Divine Wisdom - Part 2

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rainbow and stormy sky Over lifetimes, the conscious physical you has forgotten who you are - thinking that the mind and body is the only aspect of the self. With you beginning to open up you begin to birth your divine self. You are then able to bring what was forgotten into your reality and yet it has always been there. In other words, you left your place of singular oneness to discover yourself through the eyes of dualistic light and dark whilst in physical form. In doing so, you forgot or lost the remembrance of who you are, in order to rediscover who you were. You rediscovered that you have that angelic identity within you - that You Are God Also. To become a divine human you need to release the agendas of being just a human and the conditions of what you have learnt from humanity over the ages. Ascension is simply to release the old human perceptions and to integrate the divine whilst in human form, it is to live as an ascended master.

To address the issue on the void of ascension, can be broken down into 3 main categories.

1. You Own Nothing
2. Go Deeper than the Naked Skin
3. Refill Your Water Tank

Let's take a look at each individual category:

1. You Own Nothing - When you release something that you love, it will feel that everything is taken from you, stripped down to your naked skin, and then down to the bone. You feel that you have nothing left and you may hear the words - 'you are born with nothing and you leave this earth with nothing - you own nothing'. It may feel like that if you have a strong attachment to possessions, but it goes deeper than that. You were born with something - it may not be material possessions or cloths or money, but it is your story, your identity, it is your starting contract or destiny seed, your passion of being your character in this lifetime and it is also your baggage from your past lives.

2. Go Deeper than the Naked Skin - So when you went deeper than the naked skin to release everything that you love - that love is expressed into your reality - into your physical attachment to your home and garden, family and friends, even your creative nature. Now it comes down to trust your own divine essence for your future. The mind doesn't know beyond what it knows, the mind doesn't know what the future will be and what will happen, but whatever you lose is not appropriate for your growth, as it does not serve and empower you. There are more appropriate things waiting for you elsewhere, but you don't know what it is. Whatever stays will empower you, so it doesn't matter.

3. Refill Your Water Tank - During this process of ascension you may feel so empty and naked in a physical-material sense. You are the empty vessel beginning to empty everything that you love and hate. It is like peeling off the onion skin, layer by layer until you got down to only the core of the onion, your essence of you that was left. It may also feel like your water tank, your physical body was punched with holes to free the stuck and stagnant water energy within, your old identity story - it emptied and the only thing left was your core self that is exposed at the bottom on the tank. It was leaking, shedding and peeling off the layers of the old stories, it is the final release of ascension of who you think you are that uncovered and exposed your core essence. The wisdom that you gain from this experience is the beginning of filling up your physical vessel, refilling your water tank, your physical body with choices that will empower your integrated mind, body and spirit. You are filling yourself up with Divine Wisdom.

Filling up your physical vessel with choices that empowers your soul because only a full vessel has something to give, and if you lose everything-including your passion and creativity it is not appropriate because you had nothing to really give others anyway - only your fears and burdens of the past. What serves you in an empowering way will stay.

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Article Source/About the Author: By Pamela Belle Skuse

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