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Void of Ascension - True Conscious Release is to Let Go of Everything - Part 1

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prison cell and window bars with beams of sunlight For eons of lifetimes, there were betrayals, murders, illnesses, suffering, hardships and the abuse of power, conspiracies and corruption. Humanity has created all of these things in the energy of duality, and they have judged and belittled the self for creating those perceived sins. Due to 'self-denial beliefs' you have also belittled yourself for your mistakes, and if not released you can easily bring that negative perception into your future experiences.

With a growing awareness you have no reason to hold onto any past experience other than the wisdom discovered from that experience.

To address the issue on the void of ascension, can be broken down into 4 main categories.

1. Ascension Process
2. Releasing is a Perception
3. Self-Denial
4. Release the Energy Structure

Let's take a look at each individual category:

1. To be able to move on from the past. and to own and express your being is to begin to integrate and illuminate your own soul-divine essence. It is not about keeping it out there somewhere or in a secret, hidden dark space, but to illuminate it within your being to empower ALL if and when others so choose to become empowered. Are you ready to let go of everything in order to have everything? This is the ascension process of clearing lifetimes of mental and physical conditionings whilst staying in physical form. It is letting go of your old identity story - your old dramatic past life stories of who you think you were and who you think you are now and who you can become - the 'I am Presence'. Ascension is releasing your drama games to transcend into an expanded consciousness, whilst staying in your present physical body - you do not have to die to be an ascended master in a new energy consciousness.

2. Releasing is a Perception. - Releasing is to be willing to let go of the attachments to everything, to be the master creator and the manager of self. Everything in your human reality has been a perception created from your beliefs. A true conscious release is letting go, to stay you have had enough of something, it doesn't come from the head, but from the heart. The mental trap is to think that you have to release everything in a physical sense, i.e. to do something in the physical to change an energy condition. It can work sometimes, because you create a scenario to make you believe that something is true.

3. Self-Denial. - On the other hand, doing this mental-physical activity can put you into a state of self-denial - to let go of the physical need in order to change an energy structure. Most beliefs and perceptions are structurally tied energetically and a severe physical action may not necessarily release it. It is about going into feeling the energy, into the heart to unfold the belief pattern that is creating the perception. Eg. You are choosing to release your old drama-masquerade identity story and you choose to release it mentally through affirmations and visualizations - so that doesn't go anywhere, it doesn't work because it is in the mind. So you try to release your old story through getting rid of all your material assets and you end up with nothing. When you sell your house you still have to rely on someone else's house to rent or will you live in your car or sleep in the park without a tent? This is denying the pleasures of life and it is a grand experience if you choose to release every material thing that you own.

4. Release the Energy Structure. - Do you only want to release the old, the bad, the worn out and things that you dislike and the people that you hate and the events that are fearful and overwhelming? Do you want to hold onto the good, joyful and pleasant? All energy comes through the same door. You can still have hang-ups by holding onto the good - it can stop you from moving on because you are attached to that energy. Be willing to let go of everything and everyone that you love and that you dislike and everything that is pleasant and unpleasant.

Don't get caught up in the trap of just releasing the dark, the wrong and the bad. It is easy to let go of the bad thing and hang on to the good things. All energy seeks freedom - the perceived good and bad for these are only a label of your perceptions, based on your beliefs and level of consciousness.

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Article Source/About the Author: By Pamela Belle Skuse -

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