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Changes in Sleep Patterns

You will experience many changes involving your sleep habits or an erratic sleep schedule. You may find yourself sleeping in short bursts on and off or have disrupted sleep. Waking up between the hours of 2-4 A.M for no apparent reason is common. You may experience periods of insomnia that last for a few days or longer, or restless energy in general. You may become more of a night owl or seem to have increased or accelerated focus at night.

You may sometimes experience having less energy or focus throughout the day. You may feel the need to take more naps throughout the day or have periods where you experience an unsual and sudden fatugue or energy drains out of the blue, only to close your eyes or rest for a few moments before feeling refreshed again. These can often indicate periods of sudden 'cosmic downloads', dna activations, energy cleansings or changes in energy/frequency within the body.

You may experience having strange or unusual dreams more frequently. You may have vivid dreams or visions during short naps throughout the day whenever you are feeling sleepy. Having an increase in lucid dreaming or astral projection/out-of-body travel may occur more frequently.

Getting good rest is important during the Ascension process because there is so much going on in your physical, mental and emotional bodies, and sleep is necessary to refresh and re-charge, and a lot of processing and healing work takes place during sleep. Times when you feel accelerated energy, hyper-activity or focus, and unusual altertness despite lack of sleep can also be beneficial if you go with the flow and let go of worry, because the body often knows exactly what it needs and when.

* Remember that not all of these symptoms may be due to the ascension process.
Please follow your own inner guidance and consult a health care professional as needed.

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