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Energy Drains and Vibration

You may experience moments where you feel drained of energy. This can come in the form of extreme fatigue or weakness in the body, scattered or distorted thinking, confusion, feelings of anxiety, and other negative thoghts, emotions or uncomfortable sensations within the body.

During the Ascension process a lot of changes are taking place within your mind and body. Your consciousness is expanding and cosmic/galactic energies are effecting your mental, emotional and physical body in many different ways. You are being 'upgraded' and you begin resonating with higher frequencies.

As your personal vibrational frequency begins to raise, you suddenly develop an initial intolerance or aversion to anything of a lower vibrational frquency than the level at which you are personally vibrating. This explains why you may suddenly feel detatched or disinterested in certain things, people, locations, products, music, etc that you once felt attached to or interested in. The ego may still struggle and resist these changes in vibration and will want to keep you hooked into lower energies that will not serve your highest good at this time.

Whenever you are in an environment or around a person or even an object that is vibrating at a lower frequency or if there are darker or negative energies present, then you will feel in on different levels of your being depending on if you are vibrating on a higher frequency at the time or not. Lower frequencies or denser energies will tend to make you feel drained whenever you are around them. This includes any negative or lower-vibrating energies that exist inside of you or that are ego based. Extremely dark or negative energies, including 'psychic attacks' or negative energy attachements can cause more extreme sudden physical symptoms such as heart palpitations or pain.

Grounding yourself or staying centered in the frequency of Light and Love will help you to balance or transmute these energies. Calling on your highest self, your guides or using protection meditations or visualizations can also help yo maintain your energy level.

* Remember that not all of these symptoms may be due to the ascension process.
Please follow your own inner guidance and consult a health care professional as needed.

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