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Ascension FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Answers to your questions about the spiritual ascension experience happening on earth, the energetic expansion of heart awareness and what it means.

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What is Ascension?

Ascension is a conscious choice to remember that your essence is that of Divine Creator extending Light in the name of Love. Ascension is also a conscious change in vibration, to Lighter (less dense) frequencies than the physical self you have conceived of as "you". It is a conscious decision to experience yourself in Oneness with All That Is.

Why might I want to experience ascension?

To assist in grounding the vibration/feeling of Heaven on Earth. Living in a state of Unconditional Love & Appreciation is beautiful. As the vibration of Earth changes it will be easier to maintain a sense of peace and harmony in your life if you match your vibrations with the Earth.

Will everyone experience ascension?

No, not everyone wants to, or will necessarily experience it in the same way. The current evolution/rebirthing of Earth will provide an opportunity for both 3 dimensional and 5th/ 6th Dimensional Experiences - side by side. Some people, on a soul level, wish to experience duality, limitation and a sense of separation. It is that very reason why most souls choose to experience the adventure of human incarnations.

Who decides who will or will not experience ascension?

You do. The collective aspects of your soul know whether you intended to experience ascension this lifetime. If so, they will do everything to remind and assist you. If you have no interest, you, with the help of your other soul aspects will experience whatever your intentions are for this lifetime.

Do plants and animals experience ascension?

In a way, yes. Some Plants and Animals experience a form of transition to higher frequency. This happens also when they are consumed by you as food. When they nurture your experience, they shift. Also, during the momentous Earth and spiritual changes we are going through we will see some species go extinct, while new species will emerge. This too, is an aspect of Earth's ascension.

Where do you go when you ascend?

No where. You have not left your spiritual state of Being or your intimate connection to Creative Source. You simply forgot. The individual you relate to as you is merely a very sophisticated holographic projection. So, there is no where to go...only some re-membering to embrace.

(Re-membering = the bringing back together of members).
When you consciously choose to reconnect with all of you, you will remember who you are.

How do I prepare for ascension?

Practice. Practice using your consciousness to expand your heart. You practice extending the vibration of heaven, while walking in form, on Earth. Loft the ideals, ground the energy!

What is meant by "consciously expand the heart"?

The human adventure is about experiencing duality, limitation, and forgetfulness. This is accomplished through a strong connection with the personality of the mind. In this perception there exists right and wrong, miracles do not occur, and one body is all you are. A primary step for experiencing your True Nature is to increase your connection to the Oneness you feel through your heart. Expanding One's Heart is about allowing a greater and greater influence of Love/Light energy to move through you, and to move you. The ascension adventure is about experiencing life with a full open heart. In this expression there is nothing wrong, miracles are a simple shift of energy, and you embrace everything without judgment.

What are the symptoms of ascension?

The question really does not accurately embrace the expansiveness of this wondrous thing. There are/will be some common experiences for people who are actively on a spiritual path...for anyone consciously shifting their energy and, as a result, experiencing continuous change in the physical world. These are more side effects rather than symptoms. There are also some side effects of living on Earth during a spiritual revolution when the Truth of Power is being rediscovered - en masse - more and more each day.

Some will experience the Synchronicities of their soul self ringing a bell to wake them up. This may be;

*Repetitive numbers, i.e. 11:11, 12:12, 555, etc.
*A slight ringing or high pitch in their inner ear,
*Waking at 3 a.m. for no apparent reason
*Seeing certain people over and over co-incidentally

This is a time to meditate more and keep a journal. Spend time doing things you really love to do, or do nothing with sense of joy. Begin paying attention and expand your Awareness while inviting the messages to become clearer to you. Some will experience the effects of changing your energy patterns. When one uses their will to enhance their Lightbody, while still incarnate, some physical and emotional commonalities do surface.

This may be;

*A desire for more time alone.
*A desire for more time in nature.
*More vivid or "life like" dreams.
*Old emotional wounds resurfacing
*Different types of relationships and people entering their life.

One of the side effects of integrating the Awareness of your Divine essence is that you begin to take full responsibility for creating the life you want...any life you want!

What if I just don't want to ascend?

Then don't.

How will I know when I have ascended?

Lol...you won't even need to ask the question because you will know that it is a journey, not an accomplishment. Enjoy the ride ~!

Article Source/About the Author: Carla Anderson, Author, Messenger for Spirit, Helper on the Path.

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