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Changes In Diet, Appetite and Eating Habits

Changes in eating habits, food tastes and digestion. You may fluctuate between feeling hungry all the time to the inability to ingest food or lack of appetite. Sudden cravings for particular foods; suddenly liking foods you never liked before and sudden aversions to foods you used to enjoy.

There is a lot going on within your physical body. During the ascension process we become 'lighter' on an energetic level and this has a direct affect on our body. There may be periods of times when you suddenly feel the need to eat less food. You may just not feel as hungry as often. When you raise your vibration you are receiving nourishment from source in the form of light and energy; this is often enough to sustain your energy level on the physical plane and so the need for actual physical food is diminished. But since you are still living on the physical plane, it is important to pay attention to your body too! So do not ignore your hunger. If you feel like eating--eat! If you don't--don't! Pay attention to how your body feels.

Often this lack of appetite can be a result of some of the emotional and mental symptoms that come with the ascension. When we are feeling out of sorts, depressed, or anxious many of us tend to lose our appetites---or we tend to do the opposite by overeating. Pay attention to how your body feels and make sure you are taking care of you!

Other dietary changes that come with the ascension process is the sudden aversion to certain foods that you once enjoyed. As you raise your vibration to a higher level you start to resonate more with foods that are vibrating at the same frequency; these foods include anything that is natural or organic--healthy foods such as fruits and vegetables. You may notice you are having more and more cravings for these natural types of foods. Whether you crave these things or not, eating fresh organic foods are extremely beneficial for your being and will help you to raise your vibration during the ascension process, as well as clearing your body of toxins and negative energies.

Although many on the ascension path are choosing to go vegan or vegetarian, some by conscious choice and moral reasons, but others are doing this because they find they can no longer tolerate lower vibrational foods. It's important that the food you eat makes you feel 'good'.

You may start to have aversions to all lower-vibrational foods and products; anything with additives, preservatives, genetically modified foods, anything that is filled with chemicals or toxins. All food has a particular vibration and depending on your own personal level of vibration, you will notice that your diet will start to match your vibration.

No matter what you choose to eat, it is important that you appreciate the food and feel positive about it. It's ok to eat whatever you want whenever you want, as long as you are not in a state of fear when you are eating it. If it's making you feel good, then do not worry so much about diet, calories, or anything else that makes you feel that the food is 'dense' or going to harm you in some way. You can transmute the energy of any 'dense' food by appreciating it, savoring it, and feeling good about it.

For example, even though a vegetable is a natural food with a 'lighter' vibration that has many health benefits, if you are in a state of fear as you eat it or if you detest the taste of that vegetable--then your body may not be receiving 'all' of the healthy benefits of it because your mind is in a state of resistance. But let's say you were to eat a food product that you think is not so healthy for you, but you enjoy the taste and feel it will only benefit you--- this shift in thought, feeling and vibration may actually transmit any negative effect of the food and it may actually benefit you in some subtle way. Now, this does not mean that you can live on fast food every day of your life and continue to be healthy because our bodies are indeed still part of the physical plane and there is a cause and effect relation between nutrition and physical health--and the collective mind-set agrees that fast food is not so good for you and healthy, natural, non-toxic food has benefits!

The key here is balance. If you have a craving for a particular food--then enjoy it and feel good about it! If you feel drawn to eat more healthier foods then do that! It will only raise your vibration and help to clear out any negativity and toxins within your body. Your body does know what it wants and will tell you what you need or don't need if you simply pay attention.

* Remember that not all of these symptoms may be due to the ascension process.
Please follow your own inner guidance and consult a health care professional as needed.

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