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Changes in Vision and Perception

Throughout the ascension process you may experience some changes in your vision and perception. These changes will occur even after any other medical eye issues have been ruled out and despite corrected vision. You may notice your vision fluctuating from becoming duller or sharper at various times depending on your vibration or the vibration of your environment.

You may catch sudden glimpses of sparkles or flashes of light in your peripherhal vision from time to time. You may also see haze, static, swirling shapes or other forms of moving energy in the air when you carefully focus. You may even see shadows or outlines out of the corner of your eye that disappear as soon as you try to focus on it. Seeing these things could possibly indicate the presence of a non-physical being, energetic entity, spirit guide, angelic messenger, etc,. It all depends on the accompanying sensation or feeling you get at the time.

You may begin to see auras around people, animals, plants and objects. Lights may begin to seem brighter than normal or have unusual halos of colored lights around them. Physical objects may take on a foggy or dream-like appearance at times, and when focusing on objects intensely enough they may seem to shift or become distorted. The intensity of the light or colors that surround something may indicate its particular level or rate of vibration.

Your Third Eye (Ajna Chakra) begins to open and your inner vision and spiritual insight begins to awaken. When you close your eyes, you may experience more intense colors and shapes than normal; your ability to have clear vision (clairvoyancy) and other dream like visions may occur frequently. The physical vision changes are coincide with changes to inner vision and psychic abilities become more accessible. You begin to see energy in different forms and on different levels.

* Remember that not all of these symptoms may be due to the ascension process.
Please follow your own inner guidance and consult a health care professional as needed.

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Changes in Vision During Ascension

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