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A Longing To Return Home

You may experience an overwhelming desire to leave the planet and a deep longing to return 'home', even if you don't know where 'home' is or can't explain this feeling. This is not a "suicidal" feeling or necessarily a feeling based on escapism or pain. Although, this can be accompanied by feelings of being alienated from the outside world or feeling overwhelmed.

You might feel disconnected or detached from reality or the external world and become more introverted and introspective. There is a need for more private time and personal space and you find comfort and solace in your 'sanctuary' wherever that may be. You feel compelled to re-connect with Source/Spirit and you begin to seek a deeper meaning and purpose to your life. -

You may suddenly become detached from previous hobbies and interests and you once enjoyed and you may begin to develop new passions and pursuits. You may find yourself withdrawing from friends or family or not relating to them the same way as in the past. You may have an intense desire to move locations or travel; boredom or dissatisfaction with your current job or career and a desire to follow your heart and pursue your passions on a deeper level.

You feel connected to something bigger and feel that you are part of a mission. You become more aware of the presence of non-physical beings and energies. You might receive visitations from angels, spirits, messengers and guides and you may begin re-connected with your star family at this time. Although you may feel the longing to 'escape' or leave the planet because of the intense state of affairs and negative energies all around you, you have a very important reason and purpose for being here.

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