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Spiritual butterfly art A strange but common ascension symptom, is just the feeling that something is changing, or that "something" is happening to you that you just can't seem to explain--you just don't know what it is.

You might start experiencing some 'weird' or unusual sensations within your body,. Your're noticing your thoughts and perspectives are suddenly shifting or changing (who you are, or who you thought/think you are, is beginning to transform).

You might start experiencing some unsual symptoms "out of the blue", new sensations or physical ailments that you've never had before. "Something" just feels "off" or there just seems to be something strange or bizarre about these symptoms you've been experiencing.

You FEEL different. Strange things might be occurring in your life or within your daily experiences. These things may cause you to start researching on the internet for answers or solutions, or you might begin to even question your own sanity!

Maybe you just can't seem to explain what might be happening to you and noone else seems to 'understand' or relate. You may even discover that the people close to you are also experiencing similar things at times.

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