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Ascension Heart Changes

Rapid heart rate, heart palpitations or flutters that occurs from time to time spontaneously and not related to physical exercise or emotional upset. Awakening of the Heart Chakra (heart-centered consciousness and love).

As you raise your vibration, one of the most frightening ascension symptoms can be the changes that occur on the physical heart level. As long as all other serious heart conditions are ruled out, these subtle symptoms happen from time to time and can be connected to many aspects of the ascension process on a non-physical and physical level.

As more energy and light enters your body during the ascension process, it has an effect on your mind and body in some of the strangest ways. Rather than get into the complex biological explanation of what is happening, here it will be summed up in a more simple way that focuses on the ascension process and symptoms as a whole.

You are changing. The various symptoms that occur with the ascension involve the acceleration of energy as it flows throughout your physical body. This can of course raise your body temperature and heart rate as more higher and intense energy enters your body and circulates through your system, changing the biological aspects on your body on a root level. There is a lot happening inside of you. When there is a sudden influx of energy that is downloaded into your body, your body may react to this with a sudden increase in heart rate, but sometimes you might experience pressure in the chest, heart palpitations or fluttering of the heart.

Now, these things can be associated with an actual physical issue that may need to be checked out by a physician, so please do not hesitate to do so, and please use disernment and pay attention to your body and trust your intuition (which should be easier if you have already awakened and expanded your third eye, or inner vision).

Now, a majority of the 'scarier' heart-related ascension symptoms that occur on the physical level happen for several reasons. First of all, the ascension process can be very stressful for many, and the symptoms are experienced more intensly if the person has not done a lot of the inner work or emotional clearing that is necessary.

Emotional clearing can cause stress initially, obviously because you are bringing up old stresses to the surface to be cleared from the physical body. A lot of us have buried within us deep traumas of an emotional nature, which if not dealt with can eventually trickle on down to the physical level, actually creating physical issues which sometimes DO need some medical attention. But if you are doing your emotional clearing and raising your vibration at a pace that is comfortable for you, then these symptoms will not be as alarming and any sudden symptoms that involve the physical body will usually rememdy themselves on their own, even with the use of natural rememedies, and most importantly, relaxation!

Physical stress puts a strain on the physical heart, and emotional stress puts a strain on the heart center, or heart chakra. By reducing your overal levels of stress through conscious breath-work, mediation, and light physical activity, you can reduce the physical discomforts within your body and clear your mind in the process!

Sudden bursts of energy in the heart area during the ascension process is often due the a Heart Chakra awakening. As your fill your body with more light and awareness, naturally your chakras have a role to play here, and your heart chakra opening is essential on the ascension path. Awakening the heart chakra allows us to pervieve the world in quite a different way, and it allows us to feel more love and compassion. As you awaken and fill your body with more love and compassion (and any positive feelings that are heart-centered) you may feel these new energies around the actual physical heart as well as the energy field surrounding the heart.

If these experiences worry you, then just remember to breath and relax into your body. The first time the heart chakra opens and expands, it may feel more intense, but gradually you will get used to the feeling of this energy and it will be quite pleasant. Experiencing extreme love and joy flowing from your heart-field is incredible, and this love can be projected outward and onto anything or anyone, assisting in healing as well. You can imagine this loving energy surrounding the entire planet! The Earth will appreciate this.

* Remember that not all of these symptoms may be due to the ascension process.
Please follow your own inner guidance and consult a health care professional as needed.

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