Funny Videos About Spiritual Awakening and "Ascension" Humour

Sometimes, on the path to Spiritual Awakening, we take ourselves, and others, way too seriously. It's good to laugh--in fact, humor can help to "raise your vibration!" These videos offer a more "light-hearted" approach to the whole spiritual/metaphysical ascension process and poke fun at the stereotypes about spirituality, in general. Being able to laugh at ourselves and learning how to 'not sweat the small stuff' is one way to relive stress and see the brighter and lighter (high vibrational) side of life! :-)

How to be Ultra Spiritual - with JP Sears
"Perhaps our ability to laugh at ourselves and not take ourselves too seriously is what increases our spiritual growth" --'JP Sears' :-)

See Also: "The Three Gurus Panel": JP Sears, Swami Beyondananda, David Ellzey. Moderated by Maurizio Benazzo

The Church For People Who Are "Spiritual" But Not "Religious".
"The old lady playing the organ is so underrated..."

How Can I Laugh When I'm In Pain?

"Nature Rx"
The 'farm'-aceautical prescription for dealing with "LIFE"... (drug free!)

How Enlightened Families Argue
The Psycho-analytic adventures of one "spiritually awakened".

See Also: Use Humor to Overcome Fear - Kyle Cease

Cat Transcendence
A spiritually enlightentened "Meme".

Sexually Enlightened R&B Song
Warning: Adult Humour...

decoded- Wizard of Oz 2012 Ascension Parody spiritual enlightenment
Parody - Wizard of Oz decoded message of 2012 spiritual enlightenment ascension and reveals new world order methods and unveils the deception of the suppression of true happiness. Another episode, about Fluoride

F*ck That: An Honest Meditation
Speaks for itself. When you feel you don't have a choice (but you do!) .. then Choose the lesser of the 'two' evils...

See also: F*ck it & Let That S*it Go | Emotional Relief Meditation
Warning: If you are easily offended by tabooed parts of the English language, a.k.a., "swear words", then this is NOT the video for you.


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